Atlanta Boy Choir

The Grammy Award Winning 

Boy Choir Visits Terezin

The Atlanta Boy Choir on a This piece was written on poems which the children of the concentration camp wrote during the Second World War.

The choir first visited Terezin some s Jewish lads placed a candle on one of the graves of the 15,000 children murdered there while members of the choir knelt in this sad remembrance

The choir saw pictures of the children who wrote the poems that were set to music by Jewish Cantor Charles Davidson. The choir has performed this work all over the world for some 50 years and on this tour sang it each night. A narrator tells the stories about these youngsters who lost they lives at this camp. Audiences of all religions are moved to tears through the beautiful singing of this important reminder.

Tyn Cathedral, Prague, Czech Republic

Maestro Wolfe, director of the choir for some 56 years says that singing these songs changes the boys’ lives. Some 9,000 boys have sung this work over the years and they are the ones who will make sure this horror will never again exist.

Atlanta, a city too busy to hate is proud to show the world this diverse group of 40 men and 75 boys. Each year the choir travels abroad and have been heard in practically every major city in the world. Former President Carter wrote the President of Poland to tell him they were Atlanta’s gift to the world. For further information concerning the choir please call 404.378.0064.

The Atlanta Boy Choir one of the world’s finest performing groups is appearing as guests in Poland to honor John Paul II’s Sainthood. This ensemble made up of 40 men and 40 boys appeared last evening in Krakow’s magnificent Cathedral of Saint Mary

This historic 13th century edifice was the basilica vandalized during the Second World War by the Nazis with the dismantling of the magnificent altar carved by famous artist Veit Stoss and relocated in Nuremberg, Germany.

After the war this great work of art was returned to Poland and was opened last night in honor of the performance by the choir. The church located in Krakow’s larger than life square was filled to capacity. The audiences moved by the performance by the singers and instrumentalists were so overcome with the beauty of the voices that many were seen weeping.

The choir, St. John Paul’s favorite singers whom he dubbed his Angels of Song, were welcomed to the great Wawel Cathedral where they were photographed by the press in front of the recent addition to the castle and church, that of an unusual large and life like bronze statue of the Saint. The choir leaves Poland on Thursday to perform in Prague, Czech Republic at the Týn Cathedral. Before their performance on Friday evening, which will include the work “I Never Saw Another Butterfly,” the choir will travel to the concentration camp at Terezin where this piece was composed on poems by the 15,000 children imprisoned there, of these only 150 survived.

The choir Administrator, Neil Cardwell has been informed by Amy Elfersy, the choir’s liaison officer, that the U.S. Diplomatic Corp in the Czech Republic will be in attendance. The choir now in its 56th year is under the direction of its founder Maestro Fletcher Wolfe has appeared all over the world in most of the great concert halls and with most of world’s great orchestras. They appeared on seven different occasions with St. John Paul II when he was the Catholic Church’s Pope in Rome, Italy.

Poland Welcomes Boy Choir

The Atlanta Boy Choir performed in Poland and attracted overflowing audiences in record numbers at their Concerts there. The choir was invited because of their past relationship with recently consecrated Polish Saint John Paul II. Monday's evening’s performance in the great Warsaw cathedral of Saint John was attended by many Polish notables including the famous artist Jerzy Kalina.

Mr. Kalina, Poland’s most renowned artist, attended the concert with his wife and son and said that the concert was simply magnificent. The 30 men and 30 boys of the choir were joined by the famous Lebanese Opera diva, Nadine Nassar.  A very special occasion was the presentation by one of the choir’s young Jewish boys who presented the Warsaw Jewish Community some 400 kippah or yarmulke to Piotr Kadlcik, the Warsaw Federation President.

Bryce immerman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Salzman and Mr. David Zimmerman, made the presentation in honor of his Baritzvah which will occur on June 28th at Atlanta’s Temple Sinai Synagogue. For this performance at St. John’s Cathedral, Robert Henry, renowned concert pianist and accompanist for the choir, thrilled the audience with Chopin’s Ballade No. 3 in A-flat Major. The audience overflowed out into the street and gave the singers a twenty minute standing ovation.   The choir under the direction of Maestro Fletcher Wolfe, founder of the choir some 56 years ago, will travel later on this week to Prague, Czech Republic where they will perform at the great Tyn Cathedral. Prior to this concert the choir will visit the concentration camp in Theresienstadt where over 15,000 young children perished during the Second
World War.

The choir will sing “I Never Saw Another Butterfly” which was composed on the poem written by some of these children who were in this camp. The American Diplomatic Consulate in Prague is expected to be in attendance at this concert. Atlanta has many things to be proud of, but none more than their famous Atlanta Boy Choir.