Helping boys become Atlanta's

"Ambassadors of Culture and Good Will"


Each year the Atlanta Boy Choir gives full scholarships to many boys from minority and single parent families, fragile neighborhoods, and families in financial distress who would not otherwise be able to participate.  A boy is never turned away because of a families financial standing.  


Now it its 56th year under founding director, Fletcher Wolfe, this renowned choir has offered this opportunity to boys from all walks of life regardless of his families ability to afford tuition or the expense of an annual international tour. 


Over 8000 boys have come through its ranks from every race, religion, and social strata; many of whom have gone on to become well known in various fields.  Some are now professional musicians, conductors, performers, and artists.  All of these boys’ lives were changed in a positive way because people like you cared enough about their development as young men and citizens.   


It has been said of our boys, “they sing and the world listens” and it’s true.  Won’t you help a boy be heard around the world this year?

Will you help deserving boys in Atlanta sing beautiful music around the world?  Every boy who has a nice unchanged voice and likes to sing deserves a chance to join the Grammy Award Winning Atlanta Boy Choir. 

Make a Difference in a Boy's Life Today!

Another way you can help Atlanta area boys who love to sing is by making a donation toward the renovation of the Atlanta Boy Choir Home located in beautiful Druid Hills.

Atlanta Boy Choir

The Grammy Award Winning 

This historic Italian villa, built at the turn of the century, has been the cultural and musical center for learning for our choir members since 1979. Thousands of boys have studied in its halls, rehearsed in the adjoining concert hall, and played on the two acre property- boys being boys.

Much care has been taken over the years for the facilities by our staff and patrons. However, specific renovations are now needed in order to truly “Make Our House a Home” for the generations of choir boys yet to come.

There are good reasons that our donors, including alumni, current and previous member families, and patrons who enjoy our concerts will give to the project.

Each alumnus who recalls the impact the Atlanta Boy Choir has had on their life also has fond memories of this house.      

Because of the uniqueness of the Boy Choir experience and the unequaled place that experience holds for them each alumnus may be compelled to give back a bit of what they received during their years here.

Boy Choir parents and their extended families are well aware of the excellent stewardship of our board of directors and staff. They know all donations are used to further the mission of the choir; helping boys develop into young men with character.

Patrons who realize the significance the elegant home has for our boys, without which the choir cannot continue, they too may give. The Atlanta Boy Choir Home is as much a part of Atlanta’s cultural landscape as the choir itself.

For over 56 years our boys have sung beautiful music here and abroad representing our city, state, and country.

They have enjoyed the privilege of a base of operations that is unparalleled in our city for its history and grace. It will be boys of all races, religions, and social strata that will continue “Making Our House a Home” for the years ahead.